Thursday, October 30, 2008

Effects of Poverty and Ways to remove it

Human born in this earth to live. To live, they need many things like food, shelter, cloth, treatment, education etc. these things are called basic needs. Basic needs are every people’s obtainable, their rights. But for the unfortunate, every people can not get their basic needs because they are suffering from a major problem named poverty. I saw many poor people begging, day laboring, and passing days by hand to mouth and so on. But the people are not poor hereditary. For their bad luck, they are poor. They are trying to get better their condition but could not because in any country, if a few people are conscious and the others are unconscious, then the country cannot eradicate poverty. So the poor people who are trying can not improve the condition. So the main work to remove poverty is to make people conscious about the effects of it. Our government has taken many issues to recover people’s conditions and to remove poverty such as showing the modern methods on television, help them by giving the latest ways of improving etc. besides the government, we should also think about the poor people. I think by farming (both dairy and crops) most of the people can improve their conditions. Now many scientific methods are using on our farming lands. The uses of those methods on the lands are profitable for the users. So we should show the way to them who do not know how to use those methods on their lands. There is also some other ways to get rid of poverty and they are animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry, horticulture etc. besides this, we should also control the high birth rate, create more employment opportunities and cultivate our lands. I hope by doing these we can confiscate poverty from our country.

Pure Freindship
Friendship is a charming, sweet and noble relationship. It makes between two or many persons. If it becomes veracious and pure, then it will gain fullness. Nevertheless, to make friendship pure and veracious, a person should be good and need a person who is also good by nature to make friendship with him/her. The reason is that not every person has the ability of being a good friend. A good friend should be truthful, intelligent, brave and helpful to everyone. Besides, a good friend should be beside of her/his friends, protects him/her from dangers, and gives good advices when it is necessary. In this century, the quantities of good friends are very rare. So everybody should his/her friends by judging the qualities which a good friend should have and trustworthy. Then the friendship will become pure. Moreover, they should evaluate friendship in every time by seeing that how friends behave with and in which forms between good or bad they present themselves. Often some people get some friends who can harm them and bring them to the wrong way of life. The consequences of those unpleasant and bad friendships are very sorrowful. Therefore, every people should be careful in testing good friends and should make friendship pure.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Journey By Boat

 Journey by boat is really a pleasant journey. The biggest advantage of it is that it costs very few money and also comfortable. So many people make their journey by boat in exchanging of money. In our country steersmen move their boats in almost every ponds, rivers and oceans. I have a memory of journey by boat. Then I was a child and lived in a colony at Kawla ( A place of Dhaka ). At that time, houses were not such built at Kawla. Many landed properties were canals. There was a big canal between our colony and my aunt’s house ( Father’s Sister ). Even the canal is still in there but it becomes small. The canal is filled with water hyacinth and various types of fishes are cultivated there in it. The boats are driven through the open place of water hyacinth. My father took me to my aunt’s house by boat. In the first time, I felt very aafraid because when we put our legs over the stern of boat, it started shaking because of the weight of our body over the boat. I was fear of falling into the water. But my father protected me. Slowly my fear was removed. After getting up of the boat, we sat on the deck. when all the passengers got up, the steersman started driving the boat. I stayed looking at the water through my whole journey. Suddenly I saw some fishes jumping in the water. And I tried to catch them but unfortunately I could not catch only one. When I saw the fishes playing, I thought the canal was an aquarium. After a long time we reached our destination. I really enjoyed the journey.