Friday, December 19, 2008

Necessity of Education For All

Education means knowledge. Moreover, it is one of the  basic rights of human that is important for all. In this case another sentence can be said – “Education is the backbone of a nation”. From my view after under consideration this two sentences, it is proved that education is necessary for every men and women. But some people did not or do not realize it. In Bangladesh, during the pre-liberation war, only men had the right to receive education. Afterwards, women gained the right for education after many struggle. Now the situation has changed. Education has become compulsory for all. Because government knows that for developing a country, the first step is to educate the public. So most of the people send their children to school so that the children can develop themselves and their country as well. Yet I have seen many parents who do not want to let their children to be educated and many girls and boys who have the opportunity to be educated but they do not use it properly. It is extremely a sorrowful thing that they are sinking into the darkness of ignorance. I had tried to make some people understand. But my efforts had gone in vain. So not only I but also we all should think over it. At last I want to say that everyone need education because it is important and helps us to understand ourselves in spheres of life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Acid Throwing Menace

The wrong acts that usually happens in any corner of our country because of social deposition. Acid throwing is one of those wrong acts. It is a terror and a menace for all of us that breaks one’s beautiful dream, makes one lame and terror-stricken for the rest of life. Acid throwing is a stain, curse and uncultured revenge for a social life. It is a type of oppression. Everyday we hear the news of acid throwing. Many families were broken and many people did suicides because of it. By statistics, we found that in 2001, 153 incidents of throwing acid were happened in Bangladesh. Among all of acids, ‘Sulfuric Acid’ is more poisonous. Wrong doers use those acids for their bad intentions that science invented to do good works. Mainly the victims of this terror are women. The reasons of acid throwing are rejection in love, dissent for marriage, greed for dowry and property and former enmity. For these reasons, when anyone throws acid over a girl, her affected parts get burned and useless. Sometimes the affected part can be her face and it can be spoiled. Many affected people lost their eyes, power of hearing for acid throwing. The affected people are not responsible for their state. Our government has taken a proper step to prevent this oppression. This is capital punishment. I think the bad doers deserve it. Besides, by television and other advertisements, government is trying to increase awareness of people and reduce the quantity of throwing acid. And there are more than 220 women organizations. If people follow the rules of law and become alert, then every people can make their life heaven.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Effects of Poverty and Ways to remove it

Human born in this earth to live. To live, they need many things like food, shelter, cloth, treatment, education etc. these things are called basic needs. Basic needs are every people’s obtainable, their rights. But for the unfortunate, every people can not get their basic needs because they are suffering from a major problem named poverty. I saw many poor people begging, day laboring, and passing days by hand to mouth and so on. But the people are not poor hereditary. For their bad luck, they are poor. They are trying to get better their condition but could not because in any country, if a few people are conscious and the others are unconscious, then the country cannot eradicate poverty. So the poor people who are trying can not improve the condition. So the main work to remove poverty is to make people conscious about the effects of it. Our government has taken many issues to recover people’s conditions and to remove poverty such as showing the modern methods on television, help them by giving the latest ways of improving etc. besides the government, we should also think about the poor people. I think by farming (both dairy and crops) most of the people can improve their conditions. Now many scientific methods are using on our farming lands. The uses of those methods on the lands are profitable for the users. So we should show the way to them who do not know how to use those methods on their lands. There is also some other ways to get rid of poverty and they are animal husbandry, fisheries, poultry, horticulture etc. besides this, we should also control the high birth rate, create more employment opportunities and cultivate our lands. I hope by doing these we can confiscate poverty from our country.

Pure Freindship
Friendship is a charming, sweet and noble relationship. It makes between two or many persons. If it becomes veracious and pure, then it will gain fullness. Nevertheless, to make friendship pure and veracious, a person should be good and need a person who is also good by nature to make friendship with him/her. The reason is that not every person has the ability of being a good friend. A good friend should be truthful, intelligent, brave and helpful to everyone. Besides, a good friend should be beside of her/his friends, protects him/her from dangers, and gives good advices when it is necessary. In this century, the quantities of good friends are very rare. So everybody should his/her friends by judging the qualities which a good friend should have and trustworthy. Then the friendship will become pure. Moreover, they should evaluate friendship in every time by seeing that how friends behave with and in which forms between good or bad they present themselves. Often some people get some friends who can harm them and bring them to the wrong way of life. The consequences of those unpleasant and bad friendships are very sorrowful. Therefore, every people should be careful in testing good friends and should make friendship pure.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Journey By Boat

 Journey by boat is really a pleasant journey. The biggest advantage of it is that it costs very few money and also comfortable. So many people make their journey by boat in exchanging of money. In our country steersmen move their boats in almost every ponds, rivers and oceans. I have a memory of journey by boat. Then I was a child and lived in a colony at Kawla ( A place of Dhaka ). At that time, houses were not such built at Kawla. Many landed properties were canals. There was a big canal between our colony and my aunt’s house ( Father’s Sister ). Even the canal is still in there but it becomes small. The canal is filled with water hyacinth and various types of fishes are cultivated there in it. The boats are driven through the open place of water hyacinth. My father took me to my aunt’s house by boat. In the first time, I felt very aafraid because when we put our legs over the stern of boat, it started shaking because of the weight of our body over the boat. I was fear of falling into the water. But my father protected me. Slowly my fear was removed. After getting up of the boat, we sat on the deck. when all the passengers got up, the steersman started driving the boat. I stayed looking at the water through my whole journey. Suddenly I saw some fishes jumping in the water. And I tried to catch them but unfortunately I could not catch only one. When I saw the fishes playing, I thought the canal was an aquarium. After a long time we reached our destination. I really enjoyed the journey.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Independent Bangladesh

In the middle of the universe, the small country which illuminates enclosing in red and green color named Bangladesh. It is enclosed in red because of the blood of the martyred freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves and Bangladesh forms only due to their self-abnegation. And it is enclosed in green for the green environment and nature of it. About more than 16 crores people live in this country and it is the motherland of them. It is also an over populated country. But the most important factor for us is that in the page of story, it is known as an independent country. It is not easy to gain independence for a country. Independence can be achieved only after innumerable relinquishment. In the case of Bangladesh, the same thing happened. It was occurred when Bangladesh was not separated. At that time, Pakistan was divided into two parts. One was "East Pakistan" and another was "West Pakistan". Bangladesh was known as "East Pakistan". The west Pakistanis then wanted to establish Urdu as mother tongue but the Bengali did not let them do it. In 1952, the struggle began first by the language agitation. Many students of our country who protested against the west Pakistanis and Urdu language from being our mother tongue. Unfortunately, the students got killed by police and they were Salam, Jabbar, Rafiq, Shafiq and many persons. In 1969, the mass upheaval took place in our country according to the same subject of 1952. and the last battle was happened in 1971. it was our liberation war by which we got our independence. The east Pakistanis that is the Bengali fought the battle against the west Pakistanis to make our country free. For this reason, most people of our country had to pay the cost of gaining independence by sacrificing their lives. The battle continued for nine months. In this nine months, the west Pakistanis did very oppression on the Bengali. They killed so many people about more than 30 lacs and rapped about 2 lacs women. Among them, many advisers, soldiers, poor people were killed in that war by the west Pakistanis. The Bengali endured a lot of things. After so many hardship, lastly Bangladesh become an independent country. It is the noble deed of our freedom fighters that we now live in an independent country. I salute and pray for them from my heart for their blessed duties that they gave us an independent and beautiful country like Bangladesh.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Division of Night

Night division has come after evening
With new dreams,
Moonlight, full moon, new moon
Dies with many forms.

You sprinkle beauty
By giving light in full moon,
Make earth dark
It has as much in new moon,
Make mixed of twilight
In the night division of moon light.

You spend slowly
Sometimes quickly,
From tiredness, fatigue
Make everybody free.

You show after passing time
Colored sun of morning,
I stay waiting for you
By looking in the east.

My Charming Childhood

My childhood is the best pastime of my life. This was the time when I could do anything at my sweet will. Nobody scolds me then. I got everything whatever I wanted. I like this time very much in my whole life.

In my childhood, I had done some surprising deeds that made people happy. When I was four months, I began to walk. Once my mother was cooking big Hilsha fishes in the kitchen, I went there and ate a fish among them without informing her. She searched the fish but could not find. After sometime she realized that I ate the fish. At the age of 14 months, I started talking. Then I called the people ‘Gariwala’ who hawk goods in the streets and called ‘Bariwala’ who drive cars. When my mother scolded me, then I did just one thing. I took a glass of water and poured all of it over the bed.

One day my mother put clothes in the strings on the roof of our house. I was along with my mother. Suddenly I heard the music of a song in a building. Then the commissioner of the area was going along the road. Therefore, the people of the area arranged the music on the roof of that building to make him happy. I went there alone without informing my mother and started dancing. Every people were seeing my dancing and became amazed. The condition of that place became quite. Seeing this, I stopped and started looking around. All on a sudden, all people gave clapped on my dancing and everybody was happy there. After a while, my mother took me from there.

On the other day, my mother put money of the rooms where we lived on the table for the housekeeper. The notes consist of 500. I took one note from there and ate it. When my mother started searching for the note, I told her everything and she began laughing.

Another day, I concealed under the bed and was eating dried rice because I was fond of eating dried rice. My mother tried hard to find me. Suddenly she heard some sounds coming from under the bed. She looked under the bed. When I saw her, I threw all rice of my mouth on her face.

I did these things in my childhood. My father only felt joy seeing these. He never scolded me for those activities.I keep them stored in my memory. When I get some time, I remember them and share with everybody. These memories are very valuable for me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Evils of Child Labor

In earth, child labor is one of the most contemptible deeds. It is a reason for which Bangladesh is lagging behind from being developed. It mostly happens because of the lack of our humanity. A child who born with the dreams of fulfilling her/his cherished wishes that he/she verse in mind. Unfortunately, not every child can fulfill his/her wishes in our country. The reason behind it is that the children who generally become the victims of child labor are mostly related to the poor families. Their poor parents are unable to bring them up and so they let them go in their states. For this, the children become deprived of their basic needs such as food, shelter, cloth, education, medical treatment etc. Every time they are being disregarded. Frequently it is seen that they have to beg in streets or roads for their livelihood. At this time, some people take the advantage and do hard works by them for example the entire household works, break stones, carry heavy loads and so on. And the innocent and helpless children agree to do the hard labours in order to earn foods so that they can live by eating them. Often the bad people earn money by engaging them in stealing, killing, terrorism, robbery and others. When the children cannot do the works, then the people starts oppression to them. They sometimes sell and send them to the foreign countries. These people spoiled not only their lucks but also the future of those children. So many people have been punished for child laboring because it is a forbidden work according to our law. But still they do not understand the importance of a child. We are also responsible for this condition of them. The reason is that we do not do the right use of our conscious. So child labor placed in our country. But it is not impossible for us to eradicate it. It can be removed if we serve them and supply their basic needs. Our service can make them good citizens which is favorable for the developing of our country. At the end, I just want to say that all of us should proceed to help the children who are the victims of child labor so that we can protect both them and our country from the evils of child labor. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Largest Celebrations of my communities

Mainly there are four communities in our country, Bangladesh. Among them, one is Muslim. Even I am a Muslim and so I belong to Muslim community. Most of the people of our country are Muslims. In my community, we the Muslims celebrate the celebrations of this community such as Eid-Ul-Fitre, Eid-Ul-Azha, Shab-e-Meraz, Shab-e-Borat, Shab-e-Kodor, Eid-e-Miladunnabi, Ashura, Akheri Chahar Shomba and Fateha-e-Iazdahom. We celebrate them honestly by absorbing all day in praying of Almighty. In my opinion, I think the largest celebration of this community is Eid-Ul-Fitre. The reason is that we get it after fast adoration of one month in Ramzan. It is the first day of Zilkod. We celebrate it cheerfully in each year. On that day, the whole country wears a festive look. We wear new dresses, say our prayers to Almighty and give money or cloths to the poor. Lastly, we spend the whole day by walking about many places or relatives house and greet them calling ‘Eid Mubarak’ and enjoy all day long. The day is an auspicious day for everybody that we wait for eagerly. In another side, I am a Bengali too because my mother tongue is Bangla. In Bengali tradition, we observe the first day of Bengali New Year excitedly because from this day, a new year starts. The first day is in the month of Baishakh that belongs to summer season. So we call the first day ‘Pahela Baishakh’ and greet all calling ‘Shuvo Hok Noboborsho’ in Bengali. We choose it very gloriously with our traditional festivities of Bengali. We eat watered rice with Hilsha fish, chilies and onion. Many women wear white saris of different designs and men wear pajama-Punjabis. Some women put garlands of jasmine on hair. The other Bengali festivals are the first days of every season. However, from my own view, the largest celebration of Muslim community is ‘Eid-Ul-Fitre’ and ‘Pahela Baishakh’ is in Bengali community.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Be Proud As A Woman

Women are the half part of the whole universe. They are as important as men in the world. Men can not beautify the world alone. To do any work, they need women as their companion. Without women, they are valueless. I consider every woman as diamond because a girl can do every excellent work which can build a superior earth. When a girl born in a house, she brings contentment with her in the house. Parents can feel more proud to be a girl’s parents than having a boy. A teenager girl can make her parents feel honored because a teenager girl has every quality such as having good knowledge, being polite and also having each excellence of doing any household work. When she becomes a woman, she starts thinking about developing of her family and herself. When she enters into her in laws house, she makes the house gorgeous by her good deeds like managing the whole works of the house. A woman can manage everything. Today’s women are also expert in doing outdoor works like teaching, serving people, banking and in every sector of works. They are skillful and can do everything for the betterment of their family. In the case of women, the most important factor is that they are mothers. Only mothers can build their children who are the future of the nations in honest ways. By make them honest, mothers can build the nations and even the whole world.
Therefore,women are the most respectful persons of the world.All women of the world can make the world beautiful by their beautiful thoughts and works. So I consider every woman great because of their sacred deeds. Thus I proud of myself as a woman.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dowry Custom in Bangladesh

Some manners and customs have maintained existence with their harmful power in Bangladesh, a congested country. Among of them, one is the dowry custom and it has been extension since long time in our rustic society. Mainly, this custom came from the manliness society. In rustic society, at the time of a girl’s marriage, her helpless parents have to give wealth to the bridegroom as gifts and the wealth is called dowry. Dowry has become a disease in the villages of Bangladesh. In villages, the poor parents have to buy the happiness of their daughter by exchanging money from the group of bridegroom. The group of bridegroom considers the dowry as their due and the bride as the thing of business. If the parents of bride can give the dowry, then the daughter can be married. Otherwise, the daughter has to lead a virgin’s life at a corner of home. Sometimes it is seen that the girl is married but she has borne oppression in her in law’s house because her parents could not fulfill the demand of the bridegroom. On the other hand, if the parents of the bride are rich, the quantity of dowry is being increased. In our country, many hard rules are being written for uprooting the dowry custom. Therefore, to remove this manifest problem from our country, women have to be sincere and strong. They should also do obstruction to this custom. Then Bangladesh will become a dowry less country.


Parents are the greatest gift of Almighty to a child. They give her birth, show her the beautiful world and bring her up with great care and love. They dedicated themselves to their child. Whatever they do only for their child. They can do anything for their child. They try their best to give their child the best of everything. From childhood, they try to make her happy and give her the best of basic needs. They work hard to show her the right path of life and make her self-dependent and honest. No other persons can give the love and care of parents to a child instead of her own parents. Therefore, every child should respect her parents in every time and try hard to make them happy.

The Rain of Shrabon

Shrabon do not come alone
Makes sky cloudy,
Comes with rain
Makes anxious anybody's mind.

Be ringing over tin
The sound of patters,
If umbrella wants flying in air
Nobody can control it.

Makes whirling in the wind of Shrabon
All dust of roads,
If rain comes, be vigorous
The gentle flowers of Rainy Season.

Do filled the empty drains
Raises water over knee,
When cloud plays hide and seek
Everyone does whispering.

Does disordered all things
The tempestuous rain of Shrabon,
Then question rises on mind
What an uncommon!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sun rising at village

It is a picture that I’ve made on my mind and drew it on paper. Now I am sharing it with those who see this picture.