Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dowry Custom in Bangladesh

Some manners and customs have maintained existence with their harmful power in Bangladesh, a congested country. Among of them, one is the dowry custom and it has been extension since long time in our rustic society. Mainly, this custom came from the manliness society. In rustic society, at the time of a girl’s marriage, her helpless parents have to give wealth to the bridegroom as gifts and the wealth is called dowry. Dowry has become a disease in the villages of Bangladesh. In villages, the poor parents have to buy the happiness of their daughter by exchanging money from the group of bridegroom. The group of bridegroom considers the dowry as their due and the bride as the thing of business. If the parents of bride can give the dowry, then the daughter can be married. Otherwise, the daughter has to lead a virgin’s life at a corner of home. Sometimes it is seen that the girl is married but she has borne oppression in her in law’s house because her parents could not fulfill the demand of the bridegroom. On the other hand, if the parents of the bride are rich, the quantity of dowry is being increased. In our country, many hard rules are being written for uprooting the dowry custom. Therefore, to remove this manifest problem from our country, women have to be sincere and strong. They should also do obstruction to this custom. Then Bangladesh will become a dowry less country.


kbw said...

also you might note that giving-taking dowry is against the law in Bangladesh; also dowry beatings are one of the leading causes of death among Bangladeshi women.

very happy to see your blog and keep on writing! kbw

Asia Afrin said...

Thanks for both visiting my blogsite and your encouraging comments. It will help me to write good things more.
So,Thank you again.