Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Parents are the greatest gift of Almighty to a child. They give her birth, show her the beautiful world and bring her up with great care and love. They dedicated themselves to their child. Whatever they do only for their child. They can do anything for their child. They try their best to give their child the best of everything. From childhood, they try to make her happy and give her the best of basic needs. They work hard to show her the right path of life and make her self-dependent and honest. No other persons can give the love and care of parents to a child instead of her own parents. Therefore, every child should respect her parents in every time and try hard to make them happy.


VisitoR said...

I love read your post, and you have nice blog, I will back here again :)

Asia Afrin Anni said...

Thank you to read this post. I hope you will also like my other writings.