Friday, April 24, 2009

Stop Copying

Hi everyone, we all know education has become easier than the past. But we see that in many institutions, during examination, many students are being caught doing copy by teachers. They know that copying is against our rules of education and they can be expelled. But they take this risk in order to pass in the examinations without hard working. I think that copying is like an infectious disease. When a student sees other to copy and to gain good marks by copying then he feels bad and starts thinking that why he is working hard. Working hard then becomes useless to him and he also begins to copy. At that moment he does not think that he is deceiving not only education but also himself. So the parents and the teachers should make the children understand that they should work hard and not do copy besides their works because the happiness of success lies in hard working. If we start making understand it from childhood then a child will never choose wrong way for him/her.

An Addition: It is also true that the process is difficult but it is our duty to think about it, find out the solution as well as implement it so that the future generation feel education interesting rather than considering it as a burden and do not let themselves depend on copy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

About My Friends

Hi readers, like all I have also friends. My two friends are very dear to me and they are Momitut Dostogir Moumee and Sharmin Azad Turna. And the name of our friend circle is ‘TAM’ [T for Turna, M for Moumee and A for me]. I called Moumee “Petku” and turna “Chiku” and they called me “Kiltu”. We met when we read in class 6. Our age is same. I have some other friends also. Their names are Kathryn B. Ward, Katie Zaman, Renata Avila, Kira Kariakin, Aparna Roy, Taslima Akter, Mohtarimun Nahar Bipa, Ayesha Sanjida Synthia, Faria Alam Anonna, Andyta Memory, Cassiopeia Sarker, Bushrat Alam, Rifakat Avee, Apshora Afrin, Janet Elizabeth Donoghu, Alison Aurelia Fisher, Afroza Akter,. These friends are my facebook friends. I like all my friend very much.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Teenage

A teen is a part of youth. It is from age 13 to 19. I consider it the most pleasant time of one's life. In this time, one's wishes, passion, feelings, thoughts, consciousness rises. One hopes to do many things; being first in exams, chatting with friends every time, dreaming in tension free sense, being at large and walked around, making vanished all problems, making everyone happy, developing the country, visiting the whole world, winning the whole universe, reducing poverty, spreading sincerity among people, making educated all, doing every work honestly, removing all sorrow, recovering all from illness, making pollute free the environment, caressing children and the most zealous fact is to live a happy and make everyone's life happy. These sweet thoughts always make every teenager overwhelmed and inspired to make them true. Teenagers can do anything. So teenage is the best time to think, dream and make them real.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Hesitating Starting

It was the first day of 2009. I hope all my reader and the people all over the world celebrate it pompously. But I could not. It was a shocking day for me. before starting new year, I always have some expectation to fulfill. This time I also have. Such as at 12 am, my first duty is to wish Allah and Hajrat Muhammad (Sm). Exactly I did. Then I tried to sleep but could not. What I slept was in opened eyes. In morning I thought to wake up at 6:15 am as I have to wish my new born sister and parents, wash myself, say my prayer and be ready for the college. But in morning, my mother suddenly said to me, “Get up, it is 7:30 am, do not you go to college?” when I was in deep sleep. I jumped and said, “What?”. In any way I wore my uniform and began running for rickshaw without eating nothing. Luckily I got a rickshaw and my rickshaw mate also. In the rickshaw I thought to wish my friend first after reaching college. But when I reached, I heard that my friend did not come. I really felt very sad. Then I faced problem in climbing stairs. I proceeded one stair and receded two stairs only because of fast. However I could climb. Then I attended the classes properly. The sixth class was going off. So I wished to eat something. I went to our college canteen to have a vegetable roll. To buy that I gave a 100 note to the seller. He checked the note and said me that the note was fake. I became astonished. Actually on 31 December, I gave a 500 note to a shopkeeper for change. He gave me five 100 note (4 was real and 1 was fake). While going to college, I took 1 note and that was the fake note. On that day I returned the note to that shopkeeper and saw that he did not check the note whether it was real or not. After reaching home I became fresh and sit to eat. I took rice, meat and pulse. When I mixed the food, my one finger slipped and some pulse spattered over my white uniform. I rubbed the place to remove the spot. But the yellow spot became purple. I feel like crying. These things was happened with me and kept me frightening. I hope these will not happen with anyone else.