Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Teenage

A teen is a part of youth. It is from age 13 to 19. I consider it the most pleasant time of one's life. In this time, one's wishes, passion, feelings, thoughts, consciousness rises. One hopes to do many things; being first in exams, chatting with friends every time, dreaming in tension free sense, being at large and walked around, making vanished all problems, making everyone happy, developing the country, visiting the whole world, winning the whole universe, reducing poverty, spreading sincerity among people, making educated all, doing every work honestly, removing all sorrow, recovering all from illness, making pollute free the environment, caressing children and the most zealous fact is to live a happy and make everyone's life happy. These sweet thoughts always make every teenager overwhelmed and inspired to make them true. Teenagers can do anything. So teenage is the best time to think, dream and make them real.

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Renata Avila said...

I missed you, your ideas and inspiration. Recently I was teaching a group of teenagers how to be creative and sharing with others. And I was invaded with the feelings described by you, it is the best time to turn values into actions and do good!

Big hugs from Guate! ;)