Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Independent Bangladesh

In the middle of the universe, the small country which illuminates enclosing in red and green color named Bangladesh. It is enclosed in red because of the blood of the martyred freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves and Bangladesh forms only due to their self-abnegation. And it is enclosed in green for the green environment and nature of it. About more than 16 crores people live in this country and it is the motherland of them. It is also an over populated country. But the most important factor for us is that in the page of story, it is known as an independent country. It is not easy to gain independence for a country. Independence can be achieved only after innumerable relinquishment. In the case of Bangladesh, the same thing happened. It was occurred when Bangladesh was not separated. At that time, Pakistan was divided into two parts. One was "East Pakistan" and another was "West Pakistan". Bangladesh was known as "East Pakistan". The west Pakistanis then wanted to establish Urdu as mother tongue but the Bengali did not let them do it. In 1952, the struggle began first by the language agitation. Many students of our country who protested against the west Pakistanis and Urdu language from being our mother tongue. Unfortunately, the students got killed by police and they were Salam, Jabbar, Rafiq, Shafiq and many persons. In 1969, the mass upheaval took place in our country according to the same subject of 1952. and the last battle was happened in 1971. it was our liberation war by which we got our independence. The east Pakistanis that is the Bengali fought the battle against the west Pakistanis to make our country free. For this reason, most people of our country had to pay the cost of gaining independence by sacrificing their lives. The battle continued for nine months. In this nine months, the west Pakistanis did very oppression on the Bengali. They killed so many people about more than 30 lacs and rapped about 2 lacs women. Among them, many advisers, soldiers, poor people were killed in that war by the west Pakistanis. The Bengali endured a lot of things. After so many hardship, lastly Bangladesh become an independent country. It is the noble deed of our freedom fighters that we now live in an independent country. I salute and pray for them from my heart for their blessed duties that they gave us an independent and beautiful country like Bangladesh.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Division of Night

Night division has come after evening
With new dreams,
Moonlight, full moon, new moon
Dies with many forms.

You sprinkle beauty
By giving light in full moon,
Make earth dark
It has as much in new moon,
Make mixed of twilight
In the night division of moon light.

You spend slowly
Sometimes quickly,
From tiredness, fatigue
Make everybody free.

You show after passing time
Colored sun of morning,
I stay waiting for you
By looking in the east.

My Charming Childhood

My childhood is the best pastime of my life. This was the time when I could do anything at my sweet will. Nobody scolds me then. I got everything whatever I wanted. I like this time very much in my whole life.

In my childhood, I had done some surprising deeds that made people happy. When I was four months, I began to walk. Once my mother was cooking big Hilsha fishes in the kitchen, I went there and ate a fish among them without informing her. She searched the fish but could not find. After sometime she realized that I ate the fish. At the age of 14 months, I started talking. Then I called the people ‘Gariwala’ who hawk goods in the streets and called ‘Bariwala’ who drive cars. When my mother scolded me, then I did just one thing. I took a glass of water and poured all of it over the bed.

One day my mother put clothes in the strings on the roof of our house. I was along with my mother. Suddenly I heard the music of a song in a building. Then the commissioner of the area was going along the road. Therefore, the people of the area arranged the music on the roof of that building to make him happy. I went there alone without informing my mother and started dancing. Every people were seeing my dancing and became amazed. The condition of that place became quite. Seeing this, I stopped and started looking around. All on a sudden, all people gave clapped on my dancing and everybody was happy there. After a while, my mother took me from there.

On the other day, my mother put money of the rooms where we lived on the table for the housekeeper. The notes consist of 500. I took one note from there and ate it. When my mother started searching for the note, I told her everything and she began laughing.

Another day, I concealed under the bed and was eating dried rice because I was fond of eating dried rice. My mother tried hard to find me. Suddenly she heard some sounds coming from under the bed. She looked under the bed. When I saw her, I threw all rice of my mouth on her face.

I did these things in my childhood. My father only felt joy seeing these. He never scolded me for those activities.I keep them stored in my memory. When I get some time, I remember them and share with everybody. These memories are very valuable for me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Evils of Child Labor

In earth, child labor is one of the most contemptible deeds. It is a reason for which Bangladesh is lagging behind from being developed. It mostly happens because of the lack of our humanity. A child who born with the dreams of fulfilling her/his cherished wishes that he/she verse in mind. Unfortunately, not every child can fulfill his/her wishes in our country. The reason behind it is that the children who generally become the victims of child labor are mostly related to the poor families. Their poor parents are unable to bring them up and so they let them go in their states. For this, the children become deprived of their basic needs such as food, shelter, cloth, education, medical treatment etc. Every time they are being disregarded. Frequently it is seen that they have to beg in streets or roads for their livelihood. At this time, some people take the advantage and do hard works by them for example the entire household works, break stones, carry heavy loads and so on. And the innocent and helpless children agree to do the hard labours in order to earn foods so that they can live by eating them. Often the bad people earn money by engaging them in stealing, killing, terrorism, robbery and others. When the children cannot do the works, then the people starts oppression to them. They sometimes sell and send them to the foreign countries. These people spoiled not only their lucks but also the future of those children. So many people have been punished for child laboring because it is a forbidden work according to our law. But still they do not understand the importance of a child. We are also responsible for this condition of them. The reason is that we do not do the right use of our conscious. So child labor placed in our country. But it is not impossible for us to eradicate it. It can be removed if we serve them and supply their basic needs. Our service can make them good citizens which is favorable for the developing of our country. At the end, I just want to say that all of us should proceed to help the children who are the victims of child labor so that we can protect both them and our country from the evils of child labor.