Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Charming Childhood

My childhood is the best pastime of my life. This was the time when I could do anything at my sweet will. Nobody scolds me then. I got everything whatever I wanted. I like this time very much in my whole life.

In my childhood, I had done some surprising deeds that made people happy. When I was four months, I began to walk. Once my mother was cooking big Hilsha fishes in the kitchen, I went there and ate a fish among them without informing her. She searched the fish but could not find. After sometime she realized that I ate the fish. At the age of 14 months, I started talking. Then I called the people ‘Gariwala’ who hawk goods in the streets and called ‘Bariwala’ who drive cars. When my mother scolded me, then I did just one thing. I took a glass of water and poured all of it over the bed.

One day my mother put clothes in the strings on the roof of our house. I was along with my mother. Suddenly I heard the music of a song in a building. Then the commissioner of the area was going along the road. Therefore, the people of the area arranged the music on the roof of that building to make him happy. I went there alone without informing my mother and started dancing. Every people were seeing my dancing and became amazed. The condition of that place became quite. Seeing this, I stopped and started looking around. All on a sudden, all people gave clapped on my dancing and everybody was happy there. After a while, my mother took me from there.

On the other day, my mother put money of the rooms where we lived on the table for the housekeeper. The notes consist of 500. I took one note from there and ate it. When my mother started searching for the note, I told her everything and she began laughing.

Another day, I concealed under the bed and was eating dried rice because I was fond of eating dried rice. My mother tried hard to find me. Suddenly she heard some sounds coming from under the bed. She looked under the bed. When I saw her, I threw all rice of my mouth on her face.

I did these things in my childhood. My father only felt joy seeing these. He never scolded me for those activities.I keep them stored in my memory. When I get some time, I remember them and share with everybody. These memories are very valuable for me.


bint battuta said...

Afrin, it sounds like you were a very naughty child - but very cute!
And I love Hilsa fish, too - I used to live with Bengali friends who cooked Hilsa all the time.

Asia Afrin Anni said...

Yes Ayesha. I was naughty in my childhood but now I have become very quite as I am a teenager.
Thank you for reading this blog.