Friday, April 24, 2009

Stop Copying

Hi everyone, we all know education has become easier than the past. But we see that in many institutions, during examination, many students are being caught doing copy by teachers. They know that copying is against our rules of education and they can be expelled. But they take this risk in order to pass in the examinations without hard working. I think that copying is like an infectious disease. When a student sees other to copy and to gain good marks by copying then he feels bad and starts thinking that why he is working hard. Working hard then becomes useless to him and he also begins to copy. At that moment he does not think that he is deceiving not only education but also himself. So the parents and the teachers should make the children understand that they should work hard and not do copy besides their works because the happiness of success lies in hard working. If we start making understand it from childhood then a child will never choose wrong way for him/her.

An Addition: It is also true that the process is difficult but it is our duty to think about it, find out the solution as well as implement it so that the future generation feel education interesting rather than considering it as a burden and do not let themselves depend on copy.


Romi said...

Good point.

In high school, I knew someone who copied off another exam - it turns out the exam he was copying had the wrong answers. He would have been better off by studying!

Renata Avila said...

Hi Assia! I will disagree with you, because I think that the real problem is education itself, the learning process, the teacher and the system more than the students. Yes, copying is wrong from the moral perspective: cheating...

But... copying is a way some people learn from their peers, too. I think that sometimes the system kills any creativity and desire to learn from children.

khamin said...

Definitely Avila’s logic is true, I am agree with her, I just want to add with her, is that we have to create a culture in our education and we should come together for building this culture, not by heating them who do copy.


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