Friday, December 19, 2008

Necessity of Education For All

Education means knowledge. Moreover, it is one of the  basic rights of human that is important for all. In this case another sentence can be said – “Education is the backbone of a nation”. From my view after under consideration this two sentences, it is proved that education is necessary for every men and women. But some people did not or do not realize it. In Bangladesh, during the pre-liberation war, only men had the right to receive education. Afterwards, women gained the right for education after many struggle. Now the situation has changed. Education has become compulsory for all. Because government knows that for developing a country, the first step is to educate the public. So most of the people send their children to school so that the children can develop themselves and their country as well. Yet I have seen many parents who do not want to let their children to be educated and many girls and boys who have the opportunity to be educated but they do not use it properly. It is extremely a sorrowful thing that they are sinking into the darkness of ignorance. I had tried to make some people understand. But my efforts had gone in vain. So not only I but also we all should think over it. At last I want to say that everyone need education because it is important and helps us to understand ourselves in spheres of life.


bint battuta said...

You are absolutely right - education is extremely important. It makes me sad when people in richer countries take education for granted and even waste the opportunities they have.

Renata Avila said...

Hey there! Actually with some friends we collaborate every year to get scholarships to some students in an isolated rural area. Is in Spanish but maybe you want to take a look

Happy new year!